Festive signing contract new VO-school “De Passie”

On March 7, in a festive way the contract for the construction of VO-school “De Passie” in Utrecht was signed

AGS Architects has created the winning design for the team of “Rots Bouw”, that the European tender for “design, realization and maintenance VO-school “De Passie” won. In the design is the educational philosophy of the school translated into a flexible and future-oriented education building for 920 students. Education is clustered around centrally located study centres for art and culture, Exact, languages and World orientation. The study centres are accessible from the auditorium with a loft and walk arounds on the floors.
The new building is very durable with an average GPR-score of 8.3 and a score of 8.7 for energy. The energy concept is all-electric.
The implementation is phased and the building completion is scheduled for the second half of 2018

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