Sports complex WRZV halls Zwolle

On Friday 2 November, alderman René de Heer, chairman of the board of the Sporthallen WRZV Hans Oosting and Jan Bosch of AGS Architects from Amsterdam presented the sketch design for the new WRZV halls.

The new WRZV halls consist of 2 sports halls with various supporting facilities. The two halls are spatially linked so that there is one multifunctional space in the base, which increases the use objectives.

The building, located on the corner of the Voorsterpoort business park, has a striking appearance with an orientation towards the heart of Zwolle. With a green slope, equipped with stairs and seating elements, the building is anchored in the surroundings. The roof terrace ensures spatial coupling of the outdoor space with the catering industry, located on the first floor.

The building is realized in a climate-proof landscaping design. Attention is paid to green parking solutions, water storage on the site and green shady spots to prevent heat stress.

A compact building has been realized. The building becomes energy-neutral, also in use.

Circularity is a guiding theme in the choice of materials that are applied. A wooden support structure from sustainably managed forests is used for the sports hall, which ensures a pleasant experience in the building.

With the new accommodation, both the environment and the sports climate in Zwolle will receive a new impulse.

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