Sports world The Altis

Sports world The Altis is a plan plan full of unexpected possibilities. A plan full of sporting residents, a plan full of activities from indoor to outdoor sports; running, fitness, wellness and yoga, skateparc and beach volleyball and even live in the future. A place where you should be on a sunny early spring day or until late fall. A place full of activity, “the place to be” to hang out on the grandstand stairs, kick a ball or meet up with your friends for skating or training. A place that is missing in many inner cities and is offered here in Rijswijk, all inclusive.

The working title of our plan is “the Altis”, a special place of the Gods, where the prizes were made for the best athletes from the ancient Olympus. No inner city square, no parking square or a public space in front of a sports hall. We make space for the sport. We create a place that the city needs: public sports and leisure space, a place where people come together, an activity square. No temporary parking solution without feasible end solution, no view of the road but all in one integrated solution: the Altis.

On the edge of the Plaspoelpolder, a short walk from the Rijswijksebos, comes a sports complex where accessibility, accessibility and functionality have been central to the design, and where the added value for the urban development, landscape and a future-oriented vision actually shaped the plan. And mind you, a sports complex, so powerful and so own in Rijswijk, Lycurgus and Donar inspires awe and strengthen Rijswijk.

See also the paper: Rijswijksdagblad

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