Sports Center Vondersweijde Oldenzaal

AGS Architects wins tender for sports center Vondersweijde.

The plan is that the presented design is ready for the summer.
Start of construction is planned for June 2020 and completion for June/July 2021. To limit the inconvenience, the work will be carried out in phases as much as possible.

For more information see website of the municipality of Oldenzaal:
and the published press release in the Tubantia:

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This is how the new Vondersweijde in Oldenzaal will look like

More water surface, a new sports floor for the sports hall, a catering space in the heart of the building, and new larger changing rooms and improved accessibility for disabled visitors: see the preliminary design for the new Vondersweijde.

Sports councilor Rob Christenhusz is pleased with the first design, which was created by AGS Architects in recent months and will be presented on Thursday 20 June during an information evening in Vondersweijde. “This plan fits in perfectly with the principles that we have drawn up for the sports center. The design has been received with great enthusiasm by all user groups. ”

Move and meet
Satisfaction with project leader Marloes Rodenburg and Paul Timmermans, architect director of AGS. Marloes Rodenburg says that a lot of time has also been spent on the starting points for exploitation. The renewed Vondersweijde must become a place where movement and meeting are central. The facilities, programming and activities are tailored to the most important target groups: people over 55, youth up to and including 12, people with a physical or mental disability and associations.

Commercial activities
As long as it is financially feasible, social activities in the exploitation of Vondersweijde must take precedence over commercial activities. An ambition that certainly also applies to the fitness center, which will in any case be operated by Approach until the end of 2019.
Christenhusz: “The council wants the complex to have a clear social function. Fitness brings a lot of excitement. We want to keep the fitness but then with a social sauce over it. We will launch a tender in the autumn. Fitness can be offered in the evenings. But we ask the candidates to surprise us with what they are going to do during the day – what else do you offer? ”According to him, an option could be providing sports activities for young people.

The social added value that is being sought when renewing Vondersweijde is also reflected in the exploitation of the catering space. The preference here is for collaboration with a social work facility. The restaurant is still on the ground, but it is intended that the hospitality will soon (on the first floor) gets a more central location in the heart of the building. New offices will be set up in the current catering corner.

Architect Timmermans indicates that Vondersweijde, built in different periods, must once again have one look. It is certain that much will change within. The wooden floor in the sports hall – “Fully amortized and beyond repair” – will be replaced by a new sports floor. The wood (1200 square meters) that is released is reused as much as possible elsewhere in the complex.

Glass windows and platforms
In the swimming pool, the glass and platforms around the basins will be renewed. By connecting the recreational pool with the outdoor pool, there will be more water surface for the visitors inside. The toddlers’ pool will receive a major facelift and there will be attractive play elements for the youngest swimmers. A full elevator going to make the first floor is accessible to everyone. In the absence of enthusiasm, the existing squash halls will be closed.

Much attention has also been paid to the sustainability aspect in the preliminary design. Nearly two hundred solar panels will be installed on the new roof. All possible options have been investigated for the generation of energy, including the installation of wind turbines. The alderman points out that the council has explicitly indicated that investments will only be made in sustainable technologies that have already proven themselves. A heat pump system could be possible in that regard. The current budget of 8.3 million euros provides a sports center with a gasless swimming pool. To make the entire Vondersweijde gasless, almost 3 tons extra is needed. For the maximum variant, a completely gasless Vondersweijde with own energy generation from the building, the council would have to make another 4.2 tonnes available. Because then the structures also have to be weighted.  This option has been canceled.

On 25 June, the council may decide on a number of additional options, varying from a partition wall in the leisure pool (almost 35 mille) and a sports floor in a multifunctional room with possibly an interactive wall (almost 53 mille), to starting blocks in the recreation basin ( around 25 mille).

The council wants the complex to have a clear social function
Alderman Rob Christenhusz
Vondersweijde has been built in different periods and must once again have one appearance
Architect Paul Timmermans

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