Renovation Sanadome Nijmegen

The implementation of our plans for the restyling of the ceilings, the lighting and the walls of the thermal landscape in the basement is in progress. In addition, on the left side of the hall on the ground floor we are working hard on the realization of a new reception with back office, new meeting rooms, a boardroom, a new shop and a cooking studio for cooking and dining in an exclusive setting. For this we have designed plans a few years ago.

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Interview with Architect Paul Timmermans

In 1995 Paul Timmermans, as a young assistant from architect Jo Scheffer, contributed to the design of Sanadome.  They designed a futuristic building that slightly refers to the Van Nelle factory, a fine example of Rotterdam constructivist architecture from 1931. “A minimal building style in which the relationship between inside and outside is laid with a great deal of transparency,” Scheffer explained in the 2015 jubilee year. “Sanadome refers to the innovative architectural style of the thirties: clear, open and fresh. With references to the Bauhaus, architecture that was and still is progressive. ”

The power of the original idea
“Two curved circles with their backs against each other give Sanadome its characteristic shape,” explains architect Timmermans in the spring of 2019. He signed for adjustments to the master plan. “The power of the original idea is that you can adapt the design to the current time. In the side wings there is room for expansion, as we already did with restaurant Breeze at the Thermen.”

Old Canadian wood and Italian slate
In the original design, the color scheme was ‘restrained’, he says, “many calm white hues dominated the color image. That was the norm for such buildings at the time. Now we bring with new, wooden ceilings and beautiful walls with Italian slate and really old Canadian wood more warmth and atmosphere in the Spa. the look is luxurious, the decoration is of a high standard with great attention to detail. for example, look at the mirrors and taps for spring water on the walls. ”

The connection between outside and inside
New lighting has been incorporated into the ceiling that can illuminate the thermal baths in adapted colors and thus enhance the atmosphere. “It’s about nature and water, they are central, and with the decoration of the baths we have put more emphasis on it. The outside has been brought in. Completely in the style of the present, but also in harmony with the original design based on the relationship between inside and outside. ”

Source: Sanadome Magazine summer 2019

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