Gymnasion RUN

Gymnasion RUN

Multifunctional location for Radboud University Nijmegen, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen and the University Sports Centre.



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The Gymnasion exists of an educational- and office area, a sports centre and car park. The section for education and offices consists of a total of five floors. The aboveground floors are located next to interior walkway with voides The study associations in the semi-basement are directly accessible through a lowered forecourt at the Heyendaalseweg. The basement accommodates the book storage of the university library. The sports centre exists of multiple halls, sports halls, multipurpose halls, gyms and changing rooms. It additionally offers a climbing wall, boulder wall, dojo and four squash courts. In consultation with the NOC*NSF (Dutch Sports Federation), natural light (with the possibility to be darkened) is used in the sports halls.

The Gymnasion has a bright, spacious and fresh appearance as established through the use of glass inner walls, voides and a refreshing colour scheme. A walkway connects the Gymnasion to the other parts of the campus. Currently, the Gymnasion is being expanded and renovated on behalf of the new main user: the Faculty of Management Studies.

Commissioning company: Executive board of the Catholic University Nijmegen

Caried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.