Each building has its own identity, which varies depending on the target audience, feature, users and spatial context. The design should be a spatial translation of that identity and to ensure that the users feel at home in the building and thereby stimulated in their performance. The building is designed from the inside out; so arises in a harmonic way the image form (the exterior architecture). In this way each design a private appearance.

AGS ARCHITECTS expresses its strength in abstract logic and a keen insight into the processes of complex challenges that are concealed in each assignment. These unique qualities of our organization form a podium that structures the framework in which the contextual, planning oriented, architectural and the organizational aspects involved in every project are discussed, tested and launched. We operate with a proactive, communicative and a solution-oriented approach and with close coordination with our clients offer specific and unique solutions to achieve combined, mutual goals. With our extended creativity and professional expertise we create unique, high-quality designs, which generate spaces that are  timeless.

Behind every façade is an Interior. Interior is the combination of one or more spaces, structure and spatial relationships, the finishing off, the solids and its movable property such as furniture and loose wall decorations. It is organizing light, air, color and materials of those spaces.

Renovation is to restore and, where appropriate, partial refresh of an existing building making it usable again is to the current standards and norms. AGS ARCHITECTS has many examples of renovation, including monumental buildings as well as recent buildings. One of the strengths of our agency has always been the characteristics of older buildings to integrate into new designs.

By urban planning one does research into desirable and possible developments for existing and new to establish areas including the public space. Besides of the design of greening and landscape, recreational areas, residential areas, industrial areas, park areas and agricultural areas, are all part of the urban planning disciplines. AGS ARCHITECTS has many plans presented in concept form, among which a lot are carried out. Our agency has frequent consultation with relevant working groups, clients, including municipalities, private institutions and other stakeholders.

Construction management is to coordinate the entire building process of initiative to management. Consultation with builders and authorities, application for permits, monitoring of deadlines and budgets. In short: ‘ construction management ‘ is more than just ensure that a building is delivered in the desired state. AGS ARCHITECTS has extensive experience with management, construction management, architectural supervision, cost estimate, and tender.