AGS Architects was commissioned by BPD Development BV, Rialto real estate development BV and Jan Linders along with the “De Plannendokter” and “bureau Boosten Rats” the winning design for the new Centre for Hoolhoes in Maastricht.


The filling in of the Center plan includes multiple parts. AGS Architects, designed the mall with apartments. “Bureau boosten rats” designed the surrounding low-rise houses, and the “De plannendokter” is responsible for the urban planning and landscape.
Our plan sections include a supermarket for Jan Linders with indoor supplies, a coffee shop with terrace, some retail units and the entrance for the upper apartments in two layers. The 28 apartments in the social rental sector are set around a sound-calmed inner garden.
The plan with contemporary architecture meets the highest sustainability criteria. So are the complete roofs with PV panels.
The municipality of Maastricht has with the combination BPD/Rialto the realization the contract signed.

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