EDE – everything is in the starting blocks to the construction of the sports arena in Ede. It has to be the meeting place on the knowledge campus Ede. The construction start – if the City Council at the meeting of 11 may have an additional credit of 1 million euros available – on 4 June. The construction time is about a year.


The original budget, more than 10 million euros, for the top sports arena was established in 2012. Due to inflation and the changing market conditions, construction costs fell 1 million higher. Therefore, Ede increased its budget to 2018. As early as 2015 Ede signed a contract with the Christian Education Group (COG), the “mother” of ROC A12 and Sportservice Ede to develop the top sports arena. There is working very hard to get that done, said Alderman John Weijland

In the base is the Sports arena according to the Alderman made suitable for practicing elite sports. He hopes that Premier League club “Vallei Volleybal Prins” from next year in a packed house with 1,200 spectators will play. The Hall is also suitable to include lessons. The Hall is surrounded by all kinds of spaces that are very useful to exploit Knowledge for the students of the campus. This makes it really a center of sports for the students, actually for the entire district. It is also a welcome addition to the underlying sport park.

Source: BDU/Ede City

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