The Deltion College in Zwolle is a union location accommodating all sectors, study programmes and facility services.  The design exists of 13 buildings which accommodate the different study programmes. The buildings are located at a ‘boulevard’, covered by a glass roof, providing comfortable indoor access to all buildings. Each building is designed to accommodate entrance from the side of the street, to incorporate potential future use by third parties. All of the buildings allow for a flexible layout and are equipped with concrete core activation combined with an underground thermal energy storage system.

The spacious State of the Art restaurant is ‘levitating’ on top of the Mozartlaan, which is one of the access routes to the Holtenbroek neighbourhood. The Deltion College thereby creates a gateway to this neighbourhood. This gateway also accommodates several bus stops. The car park and bicycle parking are located at the far end of the boulevard. The catering and sports facilities additionally serve community functions. An outstanding feature of the Deltion College is the fully equipped theatre used by the educational trainings in Drama/Theatre, Music and Light and Sound Engineering.

Client: Deltion College

Carried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.