Sports complex De Altis
De Bruyn Kopsstraat 1
2288 EC Rijswijk

Sports complex De Altis

Together with OLCO Holland Bouw, AGS architects has developed the sports complex De Altis on De Bruyn Kopsstraat for the municipality of Rijswijk. The new sustainable, multifunctional and future-proof sports complex will be the place where residents of Rijswijk exercise, play sports and meet each other.




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The new sports complex consists of various sports halls and sports halls. It contains a sports hall with a height of 9 meters where, among other things, volleyball can be played. In addition, there is a basketball and badminton hall that is 7 meters high, a strength training room and a room for budo sports. The halls can be divided into six rooms for physical education. The design was developed in consultation with future users. The available expertise in physical education and the associations has been gratefully used.

Two large catering establishments will also be realized, which are easily accessible from the stands. By housing the cars in a parking garage, space is created at the front of the building for practicing various outdoor sports.

Client/commissioning party: Scope schools