Eurocenter Amsterdam

Eurocenter Amsterdam

Eurocenter Amsterdam



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Offices: 24.000 m2, Residences: 14.000 m2, and 500 parking spaces in an underground parking garage. The three buildings of the Eurocenter, combined with Holiday Inn, form the gateway to the urban area and public space of the constructions of the “ZUIDAS” in Amsterdam. They are part of the VIVALDI area, which is surrounded by a channel and provides access to the promenade which runs through all the neighbouring building blocks. The buildings are facing the courtyard and therefore create a semi-public space. Both the office buildings are column-free and allow for a flexible layout. All central facilities are located in the core of the buildings. The apartment building contains different types of apartments.

Client: VB & T Bouwmanagement & Advies B.V. i.n.v. Schootste Poort, Eindhoven

Carried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.