Parc Velt Venray

Parc Velt Venray



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Renovation of the city centre of the Veltum neighbourhood in Venray.

The city centre of the Veltum neighbourhood got completely renovated and is embedded in a park-like environment. This project deal with the one-sided structure of the social renting residences and revived the impoverished environment. The project consists of 9 building sections, of which 5 new sections and 4 renovated sections.

Section 1: A new shopping mall with grocery stores, a gym, multiple shops, residences to let and to sell and a parking garage/car park. Section 2: The Mulder – a multifunctional centre housing a community centre, day care (children), mental health care and a day care facility for mentally disabled individuals. Section 3: The Poortier – An apartment block containing 24 housing units and a parking garage. Section 4: The Schout: An apartment building containing 6 floors with 36 apartments for social renting.  Section 5: “De Draaier”- A 10 storey building with 40 apartments for sale and a parking garage. Section 6 till 9: Renovation of the four existing apartment buildings, each consisting of 48 apartments. These buildings are modernise and insulated and each entrance has been renewed to contribute to safety and comfort. Each apartment building has an individual colour scheme and name to enhance recognisability and the individual identity.

Commissioning company: Wonen Limburg