Parkstad Limburg Theatre

Parkstad Limburg Theatre Heerlen

Parkstad Limburg Theatre Heerlen


Culture / Leisure

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The pre-existing theatre in Heerlen got completely renovated and expended with a logistics centre and multifunctional, fully adjustable auditorium. The Parkstad Theatre in Heerlen went through a complete transformation. By means of renovation and the extension with a multifunctional, fully adjustable auditorium – the Limburg hall – a unique theatre is created. The Limburg hall allows for several setups of the stage and enables a wide range of performances and uses, such as pop concerts, theatre shows and conferences.

The pre-existing theatre is completely renovated. The large and small theatre halls are thoroughly reconstructed, the acoustics are improved and the seating capacity is increased. Additionally, more open spaces and transparency are created. The foyers and theatre café are refurbished. Large spiral elevators lift trucks to the floor of the big theatre hall to dramatically reduce the time required for loading and unloading the trucks.

Client: City council of Heerlen.

Carried out by Peutz Architecten B.V.