ROC Aventus

ROC Aventus

ROC Aventus


Construction management

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Location for the sectors Engineering, Education, Catering and hospitality Industry, Tourism and recreation, Health care, Social Work and diverse facility functions of the ROC Aventus. The building is used as an educational city with a wide interior walkway, at which the diverse sectors present themselves. At the ground floor, several shops (associated with education), the public restaurant and practice spaces are located next to the interior walkway. The upper floor contains the other practice spaces, study areas, rooms for education and offices, located next to the interior walkway or around one of the atria. The design is characterised by a high level of transparency. A large bicycle parking and car park are located below the building and provide direct access to the entrance.

Commissioning company: Executive board of ROC Aventus

Caried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.