“HUIS aan de MARKT”

The “HUIS aan de MARKT” in Sittard wants to be a place where people come together. A lively place with a mix of functions for everyone. This requires a building in which people and the human dimension are central: cosy, safe and familiar. But also a building that does justice to its public function: accessible, open, recognizable and representative. By carefully fitting and measuring, we have arrived at a design that makes optimal use of the existing hull. A sustainable and future-proof plan that respects the history of the place and its historic environment: stately where necessary and playful where allowed.

Our submission for the tender for the “HUIS aan de MARKT” was the result of close collaboration between RO group, van Wijnen, AGS Architects, FWP architecture, Kragten and Palte.

Knowing more?!
As part of the tender, the designs for the “HUIS aan de MARKT” will be exhibited from 11 to 19 November. These designs can be found in the exhibition space at the entrance to the Market.