Dredgeworld Dubai

Dredgeworld Dubai: Based on the Vision of a Great Leader




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Memorial to Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum featuring:

  • the world’s largest water model with all dredging works to date.
    • a map of Dubai with a glass floor that one can walk on.
    • several floors with a large permanent exhibition and information center about the dredging works, a permanent exhibition of involved companies and new developments related to everything around ports, so shipping, dredging, offshore, etc.
    • a cinema with films from the origins of Dubai dredging works and maritime films.
    • spaces for symposiums, education, information and a simulation space for professional training and tourists.
    • several restaurants, with a revolving panorama restaurant above, overlooking Dubai and the entire port area.
    • offices and meeting rooms for training.
    • outside a harbor for a working cutter and hopper that actually worked there in the past, a pressure pipe cutter that makes the world’s highest fountain several times a day, etc.
    • various parking garages.

So a central place in the world (Dubai) where people can come together and learn about the history of Dubai and experience how it really worked with the equipment and machines of the time.

The total size is approximately 90,000 m2 of floor space.
The complex will be completely energy neutral.

Designed by HSCA and AGS Architects International and CIG Architecture