public transport operator

Municipal public transport operator (GVB)

Municipal public transport operator  (GVB)



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Renovation and new working environment of service centre of the municipal public transport operator GVB in Amsterdam. The office building of the GVB is completely renovated. As a consequence of the implementation of  “the new way of working” , a smaller surface area was sufficient. The design incorporates more transparency and a stronger brand experience, and is characterized by a hospitality concept throughout the building. The free-standing central reception desk is located in the hospitality area at the ground floor. A new, centrally located staircase in the void creates a visually ‘open’ connection with the upper floors. The office floors contain a central area with pantry, lockers, cabinets and meeting rooms and create a vibrant meeting area for the employees, who are divided into teams for each wing of the building. At the exterior walls and the atrium, short stay working spaces, project teams, bench working spaces and a living room are located. The preparatory and processing working spaces are located in the adjacent wings of the building, with cockpits, staff consultation areas and short stay working spaces.

The project is executed in collaboration with Rosbach Architects in Amsterdam.

Client: GVB Exploitatie B.V.

Carried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.