Repurposing LTS

Repurposing LTS Echt

The former LTS (School for Craftsmen) and the sports hall in front are retained as cultural heritage and received an appropriate new purpose with apartments.  The oldest building block, characterised by distinctive architecture, is located at the Kerkveldsweg-West and contains the original entrance which will stay in use for the remaining buildings. The houses at the Prinses Irenestraat are located within the former practice areas, which are characterized by high ceilings and extraordinary concrete trusses. The building block at the Oranjestraat is demolished and replaced by new houses, which can serve a care related purpose in the future. These are accessible though their own, new entrance and are completely accessible for disabled people. The former sports hall also got reconstructed to serve as a residential complex. This complex consists of 10 living units, bought by Mensana. The ambition did not just include repurposing the buildings, but also resulted in energy neutral homes.

Client: WoonGoed-2-Duizend