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Bisonspoor 237
3605 JM Maarssen

MFA Safari

MFA Safari


Culture / Leisure

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Multifunctional accommodation with swimming pool, sports hall, library, youth centre, public facilities and residences in Maarssen. A swimming pool, sports hall, library, youth centre and public facilities such as meeting rooms, restaurants etc. are located in the substructure of the accommodation. On top of this multifunctional segment, 45 apartments are located on five floors. The swimming pool contains three pools: a competition pool, multipurpose pool and paddling pool. The facility also includes a 50m slide with skim-out. Both of the large pools are equipped with moveable floors. The swimming pool as well as the sports hall meet the criteria of the NOC*NSF (Dutch Sports Federation). The building is characterized by the remarkable facade covered in panels in three different shades of white. This creates a unique and changeable design of shades at each moment of the day. The roof of the substructure is covered in sedum to provide a green view from the apartments.

Client: City council of Maarssen