Nieuw Welgelegen

Nieuw Welgelegen multifunctional and multicultural accommodation

Multifunctional and multicultural accommodation with shared entrance hall, educational rooms, auditorium, stores, offices, sports halls and catering facilities. The diverse aspects in this remarkable building are reachable via a central courtyard.  The educational area has an atrium with auditorium from where staircases lead to the different schools. On top of this part of the building, a roof terrace is situated. In the sports area of the building, two stacked sports halls are located with a floor containing the gym and ballrooms in between. The stores, catering, offices and technical facilities are located next to the central courtyard. The outstanding architecture allows the building to fit into the green environment of the Grebbeberglaan in the best way possible. The coloured panels are draped on the outer walls as if they were vines. Around the building, parking facilities and several sports fields are located.

Commissioning company: Social Development Department of the city council of Utrecht

Carried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.