Technovium ROC Nijmegen

Technovium ROC Nijmegen

Technovium ROC Nijmegen



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Technovium represents the partnership between the technical (vocational) education and the technical business sector in the region of Nijmegen and provides accommodation to several corporate trainings on top of the technical sector of Vocational Education Centre Nijmegen. Technovium wants to raise interest in young people for technology and encourage them to choose a technical education. De architecture of the building shows the beauty of technology and increases interest for technical educations. The concept of the architectural design entails a substructure of robust materials, stone and glass in a dynamic setting with a lot of transparency. The “heavier” educations, such as construction, civil engineering and mechanical engineering are located in the substructure. The superstructure is “levitating” on top and is designed to resemble a Stealth ready for take-off. The more theoretical educations are located in this part of the building. This part of the building has a great level of transparency, which reinforces the inspiring appearance of the building, especially at night-time. The diverse study programmes are  located around a large atrium with plenty of daylight and transparency.

Client: Executive board of Vocational Education Centre Nijmegen.

Carried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.