Felix (Felix Laboratory) – HFML (High Field Magnet laboratory)

The Felix laboratory and the High Field Magnet Laboratory are part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science of Radboud University. The Felix laboratory is located to the left of the new joint entrance in the oval building and the HFML to the right of the entrance.



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Because of the new building they are now both above and below ground the linked into one complex. In the connecting element (the bridge) are the reception areas and the offices situated

In the Felix laboratory there are four free electron lasers that produce infrared light with a very high intensity.

The HFML has very strong magnets that are unique in the world. Both laboratories are already major international research facilities.

The combination now in one building on the Campus Nijmegen is the only place in the world where researchers can use magnets with a continuous high magnetic field and infrared light at one location.

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