Sports hall Seinpaal
swimming pool Waterdam,
Harlingenlaan 23,
1131 JP Volendam

Sports hall Seinpaal – Swimming pool Waterdam

Sports hall Seinpaal – Swimming pool Waterdam

Sports hall “De Seinpaal” was an outdated hall that had to be replaced by a new top sports hall (30 by 48 m2) and linked to the swimming pool “De Waterdam” to be renovated from the shell.

The De Waterdam swimming pool has 5 indoor pools (almost 900 m2 of water), 3 counter-current pools and 4 outdoor pools (2.70 m2 of water), spectacular slides and a whirlpool.




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The complex of approximately 5,500 m2 has been completely renovated and expanded from the concrete shell, whereby the combination with the Top Sports Hall has resulted in a uni-location for sports experience in the municipality of Edam-Volendam. The complex has also been built according to the latest sustainability and energy requirements. It is BENG, equipped with PV panels, energy-efficient installations and many materials have been reused. The wooden floor of the existing sports hall De Seinpaal has been reused in the catering facilities of Sportwereld De Altis in Rijswijk.

The sketch design started after the selection in May 2015. The swimming pool was completed in September 2018. The sports hall in November 2018. Finally, 3 counter-current pools have been integrated in the training room, adjacent to the swimming room. The indoor complex was festively opened on December 16, 2018. The outdoor pools were renovated in 2019. Finally, the slides were replaced in 2020.