Rectory De Twaalf Morgen
Ludgerushof 3
3632 HA Loenen aan de Vecht

Rectory De Twaalf Morgen

Omvang 6 woningen van 350 m².
Pastorie De Twaalf Morgen is gesitueerd op het terrein van de voormalige kerk aan de Kerklaan te Loenen.

Rectory De Twaalf Morgen is situated on the former location of the Church of Loenen. As part of the project, the old Rectory (1727) is restored. The garden with orchard is brought back to its former glory. Six villas are built on this prominent place in an atmosphere of the rustic wealth  Loenen features. The country houses, situated around a central square, create a closed court. All country houses have spacious gardens with lots of privacy.

Client: B.V. POG Baarn / Dols Beheer BV

Carried out by AGS’SRA.