SSHN Gouverneur
Professor Bellefroidstraat 15
6525 AG Nijmegen

SSHN Gouverneur

The Gouverneur of Student Housing Foundation Nijmegen facilitates 195 living units for students. The structure of the building is designed to allow for multifunctional student living units with an eye on the future. The units are easily combined to create larger living spaces for  different groups of inhabitants. They are located at a triangular atrium , with elevators and staircases, covering the full height of the building. The atrium is covered by glass to allow lots of sunlight to ‘flow’ into the building. Bridges are connected at multiple different positions throughout the atrium and provide access to the living units from the traffic areas.
The building is located on a shared footprint with the Technovium of ROC Nijmegen with a square in between, connecting the city centre with the Heyendaal train station.

Commissioning company: SSHN Nijmegen

Caried out by AGS Architekten & Planners B.V.