WRZV halls Zwolle

The new sports accommodation, the WRZV halls, was festively opened on 9 October 2021 in Zwolle.



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AGS made the design for the exterior and interior. The sports accommodation was developed and realiste in conjunction with ABT, Pellikaan construction company, Breman construction team and bbn advisors, among others.
The inspiration for this building started with the ascending lines of the slope. The dynamics of cyclists who make the movement obliquely upwards forms the basis for the dynamic appearance of the building, the building thus makes a gesture towards the city center. The name of the foundation (WRZV) is integrated in the facade design.
The sustainability ambitions were high in this project. The best example of this is the wooden construction, built from wooden trusses with steel wind bracing. Many second-hand building materials have been used, such as air handling units, washbasins, cable ducts and facade panels.
The insulation of the hall is made of collected jeans.
The building has no gas connection. The rainwater is locally infiltrated in wadis. And with the enormous amount of PV panels, more electricity is generated than is consumed. And the trees in the forecourt provide shade and a pleasant climate.

Client; Zwolle Municipality