Modublox system

AGS Architects, together with Kaynad, has developed a modular system that makes it possible to manufacture homes on an industrial scale. The system called Modublox can be compared to a building method based on a combination of the K’nex and Lego building systems. These two, originally toy systems, were our source of inspiration.

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The structure is formed by a modular steel frame that can be connected three-dimensionally to any desired shape. Ready-made residential modules can be inserted into these modular frames to form a complete residential unit. Floor, wall, ceiling and roof panels have been developed for each module, containing all connectable technical installation components. In this way, the modules can be made wind and watertight separately from each other and meet the required building physics requirements.

Modublox creates a stable building system that offers endless possibilities.

Proverbially the “The Sky is the limit”, the range goes from Tiny House to spacious villas.

In this way we can build modular, sustainable homes. High-quality, but above all circular materials are used.

The modules are prepared completely prefabricated and placed on transport to the chosen construction location. The dimensions are based on the dimensions from the container world, which makes transport by ship, train and truck possible all over the world.

For more information see the website of Kaynad Netherlands.