Ede Topsportcomplex
Burgemeester Cees van der Knaapweg 10
6717 VZ Ede

Ede Top Sport Complex

AGS is started in 2016 with the design for the van der Knaaphal. A special assignment, because education and sport in come together in the building, with the accent on talent development. Main component of the accommodation is the NOC * NSF Hall with space for approximately 1100 people audience.



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The sports campus consists of individual recognizable buildings on a campus. Sport is an important connecting factor on the campus. There is an axis of activity through the building to the underlying terrain. The hospitality industry is part of this axis. A beach volleyball court, obstacle course and the stairs as fitness track are part of the outdoor program. Visitors are encouraged to move.

The building stands at some distance from the road. The volume is lifted, to emphasize the visibility distance. We were looking for a high-quality facade finish, light weight and taken apart, in a striking color.

The orange color of the ALUCOBOND plate refers to the top sport and has a dynamic look because it changed under the influence of sunlight. In the Interior this colour concept is continued by the orange red base color colour in the various components.

It is a compact durable building. Power generation take place by solar panels. The building is connected to the Green heating network of Ede.