Parkhotel Valkenburg
Neerhem 68
6301 CJ Valkenburg

Parkhotel Valkenburg
Renovation breakfast room, lounge, restaurant, kitchen and bar.

The Parkhotel Valkenburg designed by Pierre Cuypers in 1890 has a rich history. The building designed as a convalescent home “Kurhaus Huis Ter Geul” was in keeping with the spa concept of the time, which was mainly emerging from Germany. In 1895 Queen Mother Emma and the young princess Wilhelmina visited the Kurhaus. The hotel immediately had a good name in the better circles of society. After the first world war the French fathers the Redemptorists lived in the building and in 1939 the Rooding family made Parkhotel Rooding. In 2007 the ‘Foundation for the Conservation of Monuments Laurentius and Petronella’ bought the hotel and the name was changed to Parkhotel Valkenburg.




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In recent years, AGS Architects, in collaboration with the Van de Mortel brothers, has been able to carry out various renovations and refurbishing of the hotel. The high existing breakfast room has been transformed into a modern open space, with lots of light and beautiful views over the landscape. A spacious freestanding spiral staircase gives access to the conference room above and roof terrace. The living room and Bar are situated in the original lounge room transformed by the French fathers into a chapel. The characteristic Gothic vaults of that time have been retained. By breaking through these vaults, a spatial passage between the living room, bar and breakfast room was created. The beautifully designed breakfast buffet and bar furniture complete this space. Finally,