Town hall Voerendaal
Hogeweg 60,
6367 BE Voerendaal

Town hall Voerendaal

The Voerendaal town hall consists of three building parts; the existing building section, characterized by its semicircular shape that had been preserved intact after the fire, the office wing and an intermediate member with the special function being the council chamber with foyer. The existing semicircular building part and the office wing behind it are built almost symmetrically.



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The main entrance in the new semicircular building section leads the visitor directly to the information desk / reception. The public counters have been designed and situated in line with this. This makes internal communication easy to coordinate and organize. In the hall in front of these counters there is a lot of designed waiting furniture, including a large reading table. This gives the hall a look like Voerendaal’s living room. The areas for privacy-sensitive conversations are located on the other side of the public counters. Reference to this can easily be done from the reception or from the public counter, should a conversation take place in privacy rather than in the open public hall.

In the heart of the building parts, a visual axis runs as a view from the public entrance to the staff entrance. The foyer of the council chamber is part of this view. The foyer and council chamber are equipped with flexible furniture, so that there are numerous furnishing and usage options.

Completed January 2013, opening April 2013